A moment of reflection with the Dec 2013 #JCarn wrap up

8 Jan

From our Carnival host Shaminder

 I’m truly blown away, I never expected so many people to just open themselves like this. Taken as a collection, we’re not all that different and we all worry and care about the same things. Are we making the right choices, are we happy, what is life about. Big big questions and look at all of us, we range in ages, upbringings, locations, backgrounds and yet we all worry about the same thing. I guess that’s human nature.

His full breakdown is here.

Stay tuned for our next party-time, excellent carnival….. coming soon.

Oct. Carnival leads to November: Self-reflection

12 Nov

Team Carny

October (and the revamp) of the #Jcarn was a success. Our host Patrick Thornton did a great roundup of participation on his blog. Kudos to all!

And now I’m excited to introduce our next host/challenge. The Carnival wouldn’t have been reborn if it weren’t for Shaminder Dulai, who got the conversation going. And he is our host. Read the full prompt here. The quick version:

For December I would like you all to write a letter to your younger self. You can write about anything, no rules, no apologies. You may like to share with yourself advice, things to look out for, things you wished you did differently, regrets, hopes, what you’ve learned, about your life, choices… or just about anything that is on your mind. Ideally these are deeply personal to you and I hope it’ll be enlightening to others in its universality to the human condition.

It’s the holidays. Time for reflection, no?!?

  • What: See prompt above and at Shaminder’s blog.
  • When:  Due Date: Dec 20th (but no harm in publishing early if you intend on checking out for the holidays early).
  • Why: YOLO.

On or around the “due” date – leave a comment on Shaminder’s blog with a link to your post. You can also share via our radtastical email group.

NOTE: Got ideas for future Carnival’s or want to host? GO HERE


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